Commercial Real Estate in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is a city in central California in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, just south of its namesake, Lake Tahoe. The city consists of a mainly residential area in the west, and mainly tourist attractions and resorts in the east along the Nevada state line. Although South Lake Tahoe has a small population of around 22,000, it has a rich economy made up a community many small businesses that are fueled greatly by tourism.

Because of its ideal location and atmosphere, there is continuous opportunity for investment in commercial real estate in South Lake Tahoe. Over the past several years the commercial market in the area has seen great growth that was unprecedented since 2006. The climate around Lake Tahoe and national changes in the economy have affected the real estate market for the better—there has been more snow after previous dry spells, and mortgage rates have gone down. The market continues to grow, and there are retail, hotel/motel, industrial, and multifamily rental units available for purchase.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate the Lake Tahoe Area

South Lake Tahoe is an ideal location to do business. It offers breathtaking scenery and many great options to spend your time outdoors during non-working hours. The climate is mild in the summers with temperatures in the 70’s, and snowy in the winter with temperatures around 30 degrees, making it a perfect place spend time during all four seasons. The city offers great restaurants, nightlife, casinos, and various outdoor activities, making it an attractive vacation destination year round. Lake Tahoe is also a popular destination for weddings and special events, which draw in even greater crowds.

There are Many Property Types Available

There are many types of properties available for purchase or lease in the area, with plenty of business potential. Currently, there are a variety of residential properties or units on the market. The population is remaining steady in South Lake Tahoe, and there is some demand for units available to rent. Also, because of the high amount of tourism, there are many visitors who purchase second vacation homes in the Lake Tahoe area. Hotels and motels are also available. These types of properties can be valuable because of the high demand of hotel space as a result of increasing tourism.

Small businesses thrive in South Lake Tahoe. There are numerous office and retail spaces available. These properties tend to go quickly because of the prime location in a city that has many visitors, many who come with the intention to shop. Some restaurants are also for sale. Because of a growing market, there has never been a better time to invest in a restaurant or other hospitality businesses in the area.

Other properties like industrial buildings, warehouses, or other commercial buildings are on the market and ready for new owners or tenants. Search commercial properties to find out what specific properties on the market currently.

The city offers a variety of resources for business owners, including free business coaching and guidance regarding business planning or business relocation services.

About Scott Fair & NAI Tahoe Sierra

Scott Fair is a real estate agent and director of NAI Tahoe Sierra of the NAI Global Platform. He serves the Lake Tahoe area and specializes in both commercial investment and resort residential real estate. A native of Lake Tahoe, Scott aims to serve each of his clients with professionalism, enthusiasm, and with customer service that exceeds their expectations. He is familiar not only with the area and its properties but also with the culture of the region. He regularly participates in winter sports and recreational activities that the area is known for.

Founded by Scott, New American International (NAI) Tahoe Sierra is a local office of NAI Global, a network of owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firms. NAI Tahoe Sierra aims to leverage the local knowledge harnessed from its agents and staff and apply that advantage on a more global level for clients looking to purchase real estate in the area. The firm is designed to operate wherever its clients do, providing them with uncommon expertise and guidance during their search and transaction process.

NAI Tahoe Sierra offers other services in conjunction with the search for, and purchase of commercial properties such as hotels/motels, multifamily units, investment properties, land, and owner or tenant representation. Additionally, commercial property management services are also available for all real estate needs. They work with a variety of strategic clients ranging from restaurants to lodges to mortgage companies who all work together toward improving the real estate climate in the area.

Contact an NAI Tahoe Sierra Team Member for Your Commercial Real Estate Needs

Whether you are looking to buy a duplex to rent out, to start or relocate your business in South Lake Tahoe, or anything in between, Scott Fair and NAI Tahoe Sierra can assist you with your commercial real estate needs. Contact Scott today to discuss how his local knowledge and real estate expertise can help you and your investment.

If you are in the need of commercial property management in South Lake Tahoe, Stacey Westlein can assist you. Contact Stacy to discuss how NAI Tahoe Sierra can customize a management plan that suits your needs.